Website does not have option to change password only forgotten password option

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Hi there newby to 1password so please forgive me if its a daft question !!!

I have successfully updated my logons for websites I visit apart from one which does not have an option to change password only reset password. When I request reset password email from them it asks for new password but 1password option does not appear for using suggested password, is there any other option for changing that password within 1password ??? hope this makes sense

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    @CJV There are no daft questions.
    There are a number of ways of getting this done. I guess you've got the 1Password extension in your browser, so I'll focus on that.
    1. Clicking on the 1Password extension icon and the key symbol will open the password generator.
    2. Select the type of password you want and click copy.
    3. Paste this into the website's new password boxes and you should get the option to Save in 1Password.
    4. If not then right click on the 1Password extension icon and select Save Login.
    If the website gets updated, but 1Password doesn't, you can view the password you copied in the password generator history.

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    Thanks for your help, that worked

  • On behalf of rootzero, you're very welcome @CJV.

    If you need anything further, don't hesitate to ask! :smile:

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