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Hello, I would like to buy a license (not a subscription). As indicated, I downloaded it directly from the 1Password website, the user on my Mac (macOS 12.0) is completely new. When the program started, there was no link to buy. I was supposed to create an account for the 14 day trial, but definitely not a link. Now only the "Manage subscription" is displayed under "Account". Even with payment data, only the subscription is offered. Deleting and reinstalling again does not help, I have already done it several times, even with completely new users on my Mac. Where can I get the license to buy?


  • 1Password is now a subscription-only service, since 1Password 8 was announced a few months ago if I recall correctly. That means no license to buy anymore.

  • Hi @Nicol3:

    As @J.M mentioned, standalone licenses are no longer available for sale I'm afraid. To use 1Password at this time, you will need a 1Password membership. For more specifics, please see this post from our founder Dave with all the details.


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