can someone compare 1Password to Firefox password manager?

I keep reading about how 1Password is the best, but I have been using Firefox (my default browser) password manager for some time and I'm wondering what I might be missing.
One factor to consider is that while I used FF on my Windows laptop, I also use Chrome (since many websites don't support FF) and my default browser on my Android phone is also Chrome.

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  • Everyone has different demands, so it's difficult to tell the truth for everyone.
    The most important aspect of 1Password for me is that it is independent from the browser manufacturer and from the platform manufacturer. It can be used with every browser (at least every browser I use) and on every platform (for me: Windows and Android). It also provides quick access to app passwords, is not limited to the browser. You can of course store and look up app passwords in the browser-internal password manager, but it's not convenient to do that.

    A real password manager like 1Password can also store more than just a password. You can add comments and additional information to an entry. It might be important with some accounts to store some key data or file attach in addition to the userid+password: that's not possible with the internal browser password managers. You can use 1Password as a secure place to store every sensitive information you need to enter from time to time into a digital form, beyond just passwords. I do also store bank account data (bank account number), passport, driver license and program registration key information for apps I bought. 90% of all entries will still be password entries, but it's convenient to use this app for other sensitive data as well.

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    I think tertius3 summarized the situation nicely, but let us know if you have any follow up questions :)

  • Excellent, tertius3.
    Thank you

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