Suggestion: Better Search Filters & Search

I love the new Version 8 of 1Password!
But the Search needs to get better and I have a small Suggestion for that.

Search Filter:
We can already use the Filters like =kategorie:Logins =tresor:Business when you press STRG + F.
I would prefer it if we could use some "Shortcuts" to simplify the Search Filters.

If you could also improve the look of the Search Filters like suggested from @ag_Gabriele in this Thread then the search would be so much better.

Searching for Parts of Names:
A lot of people on this forum have already asked for this. The search needs to have a possibility to search for parts of the names.
Example: *key = Searches for everything that contains key like keyfinder, yubikey, or Door Key

Searching for Untagged Items
As requested before (Thread) it would help if we could search for untagged items. I'm currently reorganizing my tags and this would speed up the process.


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @ejunkie, thanks for the thoughtful feedback here!

    For future reference, you can use =untagged to search for untagged items. 😀 I hope this proves productive for you!

    And we welcome your other suggestions as well. I have added your comments here to our ongoing discussions around how to keep improving the search feature. We appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks again 😎

    ref: dev/core/core#10777

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