Tool for detecting and removing duplicates?



  • JavierVazquezJavierVazquez
    Community Member

    Dear 1Password team, please give this feature a higher priority. The chaos in my vault is unbearable. :-( In short: +1 from me.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    edited November 1

    I wish I had more encouraging news to share, but at this time this is not something that is on our roadmap. I'll continue to advocate for it, but as it stands I don't think a duplicate cleanup tool is something we'll see in 1Password in the foreseeable future.

    What I do think we'll make efforts toward is preventing as many duplicates from being created in the first place. These efforts will likely focus around the import process and the in-browser experience.

    As for what is currently available to help clean up duplicates:

    • Watchtower's Reused Passwords checker
    • Sort options: sort by title to spot similarly named items (e.g. multiple "Google" items)
    • Creation and modification timestamps on item details

    We'll continue to gather feedback on the situation. With that feedback if you can please include:

    • Any guesses as to how you ended up with duplicate items e.g. from import, migration, or saving multiple times from the browser extension
    • Any brainstorming you might have about how 1Password can help you find duplicates, beyond what I've mentioned above
    • What 1Password can do / help you do once a duplicate is identified
    • For your items that are "duplicates"... are they exact duplicates, or just similar items? In what ways are they different?

    Having a better understanding of the answers to those questions may help with getting forward momentum here.


  • ctphotoctphoto
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    "but at this time this is not something that is on our roadmap." WTF? Do you folks have any idea how frustrating this is to your customers? LastPass is starting to look pretty good!

  • brockarellabrockarella
    Community Member

    Hi, I imported my passwords from Chrome and Apple Keychain so I could use 1password as my main, but now I've got hundreds of duplicates. Please make this feature happen! Even just a merge tool, for now, would be perfection!

  • McShanMcShan
    Community Member

    Super inconvenient -- I upgraded to 1password8 and now have hundreds of duplicates. Please bring back the duplicate removal tool! This is very painful for people that have been using 1password for a long time. Please help us early adopters!

  • McShanMcShan
    Community Member
    edited November 17

    @ben Catching up on this thread, Its pretty bad. This is a complete fail.

    Even worse, the lack of support for this is a sign the company is obviously making some bad choices. Is this what we get for being long term loyal customers? Yikes. Seems like time to move on.

    More specifically this may be what moves me to one of the many many other solutions out there. Its hard to believe this has not been addressed yet. As a software developer this should be a simple fix: Allow the user to identify duplicate content, and remove it.

    Duplicate content for me looks like:
    - identical username + password + create/update dates.

    A diff of the content would provide an exact match minus any internal IDs. Duplicate content. Why is this so difficult?

    Allow the user to "remove duplicates" - and the discarded items could go in the trash (incase some accident). This should not take more than a day to fix, and will save your customers exponentially more time. As for how I got the duplicates, all I did was update to the latest version (a bad decision obviously).

    If this isnt fixed soon I'm out -- along with my faith with the product, and my suggestion to anyone I know.

  • BlueSkies999BlueSkies999
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    edited November 22

    My Duplicates occurred when I upgraded from V7 standalone on my least used machine to V8. I was already using V8 on two other Macs an iPhone and two iPads. That upgrade process was terrible. It wanted me to create a new 1Password membership (I already have a membership which there was no obvious way to connect to.). I ended up downloading V8 and installing it. It said I had to convert my V7 data to V8. It was not at all clear that I could have just skipped that step. Now I've got about 800 duplicates. The upgrade process needs to be more clear so duplicates are not created in the first place. We also need a duplicate finder/remover tool.

  • FrankyO1PFrankyO1P

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    edited November 23

    Hi folks,

    Thank you for the feedback on how you ended up with duplicate entries. This feedback helps us understand how we can help prevent such situations in the future. We also understand how useful a deduplication feature would be as it would also solve future issues.

    As Ben said in a previous reply, we'll continue to advocate for the feature to be created in the future. I also want to note that for anyone who hasn't previously had a vote filed, I've gone ahead and added your votes.


  • SakabarajpSakabarajp
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    +1 for me too. I used to be a fervent supporter of 1Password (ever since 2006). I have to admit that I dread sorting out my some 3300 entries. I was used to a much responsive company/developer that could be entrusted with mac users passwords. Now... I have serious doubts. Please 1password developers, do something about the duplicate issue. It's important to mac, iPhone, iPad users. We don't need fancy stuff, just a password manager we can rely on.

  • voltsvolts
    Community Member

    Can anybody comment about the "best" known workflow for doing this manually?

    Export to this format: __________
    Use this tool: ___________
    Filter in Excel

  • dwabyickdwabyick
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    edited December 4

    Hi team 1password -

    I find this unacceptable that you don't have this feature.

    I finally upgraded from 1password 6 to improve my experience, and in the process of the upgrading multiple devices it created duplicates in a single vault. Thus I have a degraded experience.

    This is making me reconsider whether I want to continue my subscription to 1password. Unfortunate as I was planning on buying my wife a subscription too so we can share.

    Could we get a target quarter where this feature will be available?

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