To AgileBits - Why are my posts blocked/hidden from general view.

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I know that some AgileBits employees can see my posts, but it is obvious that any post that I create is blocked/hidden from general view - IE: it seems that at least some support personnel do not see my posts, and it is obvious that no one in the general populace ever sees my posts. I just looked at a post that I responded to this morning - that post doesn't even show my post in the message count - it is apparent that I am the only one that can see my posts. I would like an answer as to why my posts are blocked/hidden. I have asked for an explanation previously both here in the forums and directly from 1Password support. Here in the forums, Ben responded with "I see your posts", obviously no one else does. When I contacted support via the support channel, the person who responded gave me a non-answer and told me that if I had a technical problem that I should feel free to contact them. It is a simple question - why are my posts blocked/hidden?

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