1Password browser extension on iMac/Macbook

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I'm aware that sadly 1Password 6 no longer works as an extension on Saari, however I am having some problems with Firefox and Chrome

On my iMac Pro os 10.15.7 the extension is enabled but not showing in the browser
On my MacBook os 12.1 the extension is enabled and works fine, ie shows icon in browser

With Chrome the opposite happens:

On iMac the extension is enabled and works fine shows the icon in browser
on MacBook Pro 1password extension does not work, however it says v2.1.4 and I cannot find a way to update it. I have removed and reinstalled, but it still says 2.1.4. When I reinstall I do get a 1password window askimg for account details, inc password and Secret key. But I am not aware of having an account apart from the one I have for this support forum, but that does not give me a secret key.

Can anyone please help? Thank you

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version:
OS Version: mac


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