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I noticed while trying to sign into my American Express account that clicking in the username did not make the drop down with 1Passowrd. If I hit command-bakcword slash it did not bring up 1PW and if I click on the Safari extension it comes up with Amex the first option however hitting autofill does not enter username and PW but instead opens the search bar of the safari window.

1Password Version: 80500057,
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: 12.2 Beta (21D5025f)


  • Dayton_agDayton_ag

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    Hey there @kpages, I'm sorry for the difficulty! Let's get things back up and running again.

    Are you noticing this issue only for your American Express login, or are you having general AutoFill difficulties in your browser?

    Could you right-click the 1Password extension in Safari, right-click it, and click Manage Extension? In the Safari pop-up that appears, could you confirm the name of the extension? If it says 1Password, could you grab the new 1Password extension from the link below, enable it instead of the current extension, and let me know if your AutoFill experience improves?

    1Password for Safari on the App Store

    The newer extension integrates better with the current 1Password 8 beta for Mac, which might explain the issue you were seeing. Thanks, I look forward to hearing how it goes! :smile:

  • Thanks for the response. The extension is 1Password for Safari 2.2.1 and when I clicked on the link for the App Store that you provided it just showed Open instead of Install indicating that was what was installed. America Express seems to be the only account (that I use on a regular basis that has this issue though today on my M1 MBP (I may have first written about my M1 iMac) rather than expand the search field it just does not enter anything. This includes if I bring it up from the extension and click on autofill.

  • Oops _ I just found another one - Quickbooks online

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