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I love the unified search bar but, due to the lack of a space bar, it is not very functional because a person is limited to a single term. Please adjust the keyboard to something like in Chrome so we can search w/multiple terms and enter websites quickly.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @tatchley,

    You can use the / as the delimiter for now. For an example, type I/Love/1Password and Google will know you're searching for I Love 1Password.

    We're working on an update to add the custom URL keyboard, it's not something that Apple provides by default, that's why we have to manually code it in. I don't have a timeframe but hopefully, not too long.

  • tatchleytatchley
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    Thanks for the tip. Keep at it!

  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care

    Hello @tatchley,

    On Mike's behalf, you are very welcome!

    I know our developers will keep at it until they find viable solution. :)

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