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  • The "PIN Code" text field in no longer auto-saved and auto-filled. Either this Jan 11 release or the one on Jan 5 broke the functionality. Previously, 1Password 8 could auto filled all three fields. Can you please check on this regression? Thanks.


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    Thanks for sending over the website for me to test.

    I can confirm what you are experiencing. It seems that the website has updated its login form. Both the "Password" and "PIN Code" HTML input fields are password types now. Therefore, 1Password has a hard time to auto-save and fill the "PIN Code" field.

    I have reported this website internally, and our development team will investigate further. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Meanwhile, I suggest a workaround. We can edit the saved item for this website:

    1. Clear out the default password field.
    2. Create a custom field, name it txtpwd, and input your password there.
    3. Create a custom field, name it txtpin, and input your PIN Code there.
    4. Make sure to change the above input fields' type to Password.
    5. Save the item.
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    Now, you can try to use the 1Password inline menu suggestion to auto-fill.

    ref: dev/core/core#1439

  • Thank you Kevin. The workaround works for now. Sorry, I blamed 1Password beta updates when it was the website who made the breaking changes. :p


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    @macechases Glad to know the workaround works for you!

    The battle to keep 1Password filling properly across every site on the web is one without a clear endpoint. So we're always appreciative when you take the time to help us find the instances where we have work yet to do. I do apologize for the interruption to your workflow.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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