Can't search CJK characters unless they're the first characters of the name

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If you have 匯豐銀行 (HSBC Bank) in Chinese, a search on 匯豐 (HSBC) works, but searching for 銀行 (bank) shows no results.

1Password Version: 8.6.0 (80600076, on PRODUCTION channel)
Extension Version: 2.3.0
OS Version: Windows 10
Referrer: forum-search:Can't search CJK characters


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Thank you for this, @yt28. I believe this has to do with how 1Password 8 currently handles sub-string search, which affects whether it returns results of characters contained in the middle of a word.

    We appreciate you reporting your experience here, and I will pass this on to our developers so we can determine how it can be improved. Thank you again!

    ref: IDEA-I-527

  • AliH1PAliH1P

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    edited August 4

    Hey @yt28,

    I'd like to share some exciting news! As of our latest Nightly (80901013) release, we've added substring matching while searching:


    If you're interested in trying out this functionality, you can navigate to Settings > Advanced and set the release channel to Nightly. You can then select About and Check for Updates to download the latest release.

    Let me know how that goes!


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