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The German text on https://1password.com/de/sign-up/ and https://1password.com/de/teams/pricing/ isn't good. It might look ok for a foreigner or if you translate this back to English, but for a native German speaker some parts appear clunky, some phrase not translated with well known established phrases, some even not professional. You should ask your translation contractor to review and rework. They don't seem to employ native German speaking professional translators or QA, at least not for the pages I encountered.

Worst example: pricing page for Business & Teams, Enterprise tab, offers an "Onboarding engineer" in English, which is translated as "Bordingenieur" in German, and this is worse than Google Translate, because "Boardingenieur" (flight engineer) isn't an onboarding engineer at all. This is an error a native German speaker would never make.

The 1Password 8 desktop app is better translated. It feels quite native.

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    edited March 25


    Thanks, @Tertius3 ! 😉

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hey @Tertius3:

    Thanks for your feedback here, I'll bring this up with the relevant team, and hopefully we can make improvements in the future here. Thanks again for letting us know! 😀


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