Upgrading from 6 to current version, no master password, get in with Face ID on iOS

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I spilled water on my external keyboard and somehow the master password I type via MacBook keyboard doesn't work on 1Password 6 anymore.

How do I go about upgrading to current version of 1Password via just access to iOS version of 1Password via Face ID? I'm able to unlock 1Password on iOS with Face ID luckily. I'm fine with cutting and pasting everything, but there's no way I can install the new version and migrate because I have no master password. I'm fine with using a new master password and somehow copying everything from my phone.

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    Hi @mochiorange

    When you sign up for a 1Password account you'll create a new account password. Please memorize this password. Once you're set up, I'd also recommend printing a copy of your Emergency Kit, writing in the account password, and storing that someplace safe:

    Get to know your Emergency Kit

    You can complete the migration process so long as you can access your data using Face ID to unlock. Instructions can be found here:

    Migrate your existing 1Password data from standalone vaults to a 1Password account

    Once all of your data is safely stored in your 1Password account, you can erase 1Password on your MacBook (using Help > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data) and then sign into your new account.

    I hope that helps!


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