1P saves new password before it is accepted by website - even if the website rejects it

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When I am trying to change my password on a website and use 1P's suggestion, 1P asks me if I want to save it before the website has actually accepted it. I respond by telling it to save but then - sometimes - the website rejects my password, but at this point, I've saved the wrong password in 1P and overwritten the old one!

Am I missing something? I'm new to 1P.

_1Password Version: 2.3.5 on Win10, don't know how to check on my iOS device
_Extension Version: I don't know what an "extended version" is
_OS Version: Win10 latest update, iOS latest update


  • dblanddbland
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    Fedex is an example of a website where this happened to me

  • MobskiMobski
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    You can restore your 1password entry to a previous version when this happens, see here: https://support.1password.com/item-history/

    I sometimes copy paste a newly generated password into a texteditor (notepad) when changing passwords, and manually update the 1password item after it is accepted.

    Alternatively you could do this the other way around, copy the current password to a texteditor temporarily while you let 1password change the password. If it fails you can then copy/paste the old password in the "current password" field untill you have a password that is accepted (you can change generation of passwords by following this: https://support.1password.com/getting-started-browser/#create-a-custom-password )

  • dblanddbland
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    Thank you, Mobski. I had a lot of trouble finding "view item history" - it turns out that it's only available on the web version, not the browser version, not the app installed on my PC (Win10)!!!!

    I must say that I find this product very unintuitive and unnecessarily difficult to use compared to LastPass which I also use in another context. 1P's UI design decisions in this area mystify me. LastPass simply does not have this problem.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @dbland:

    Thanks for your feedback on this. Our Smart Password Generator tries to use password rules that will be accepted in most places using a combination of defaults we've configured, what the sites configure in a passwordrules HTML attribute, as well as a list compiled by our friends at Apple containing password policies for websites. FedEx is one of the sites included in that list of password policies, and I found that our generated passwords seem to be meeting all the expectations that FedEx requires.

    In addition to the item history available on my.1Password.com, you can view the history of a password field by choosing the down arrow on the password field, and then choosing "View password history" like so:


  • dblanddbland
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    I'm new to 1P and of course, the first thing I had to do was change almost all my passwords since I'd been using ones that were too easy. I'd say I had this problem 20% of the time. Never once had the problem with LastPass, which, as I mentioned, I use in another context.

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