1Password 8 - lite UI deprecated for search? No fuss way to fetch an OTP code?

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I run 1Password across several platforms - Android, Linux, and Windows.

On Windows, when signing into a particular application (not a webpage), I have to supply an OTP code.
This application does not trigger 1Password / offer it for form filling.

With 1Password 7, I'd click on the system tray icon, click favourites, right click on the favourite and select "Copy one-time password", then I can paste this into the waiting app's dialog. In 1Password 8, I can't see an easy way to get to context menu to copy OTP code - I find myself having to go into the full UI and copy from there.

Has the old "lite" UI been replaced by the micro search UI?
I noticed, also, that clicking on the system tray icon now brings up the full UI, rather than just the lite one.

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser:_ Chrome


  • AliH1PAliH1P

    Team Member

    Hey @adfhogan, thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you're looking for a quick way to copy a OTP code without opening the full 1Password 8 application.

    1Password 7 uses 1Password Mini to give you a faster way to access to everything you have saved in 1Password, and more easily fill your details in other Windows apps. On the other hand, 1Password 8 includes an entirely rebuilt and totally different successor to Mini called Quick Access, which is accessible through the right click menu or CTRL + SHIFT + Space.

    Once you launch Quick Access, you can search for an application > select your right arrow key (→) for More Actions > and Copy One-Time Password from there.


    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.


  • adfhoganadfhogan
    Community Member

    Gotcha.. ctrl+shift+space keyword right then down to the option I want..

    Animated sequence above helps, thanks :)

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hi @adfhogan, you're most welcome! 😀

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