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Hi there! I have searched the community and can't find an answer to this: I use both 1Password (family edition) and Keychain. I like having both at my fingertips. However, I don't like it when both password managers display my options in the browser at the same time. I usually see Keychain on the top, with my 1Password window on the bottom. Is there any way to exit out of the Keychain options so that I can only see 1Password.

In the attached image, you can see the 1Password box hidden behind the Keychain box.

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    Hi @David72,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    While we generally don't recommend using 1Password alongside another password manager, it's definitely possible to do so. With that said, it doesn't look like it's possible to disable iCloud Keychain's dropdown, so it will always appear in front of the 1Password dropdown.

    If you'd like to use 1Password alongside iCloud Keychain, your best bet would be to turn off 1Password always showing the autofill menu by following these steps:
    1. Open your browser
    2. Right click the 1Password icon in your toolbar and click 'Settings'
    3. On the left, click 'Autofill' and uncheck the setting 'Show autofill on field focus'

    This will result in iCloud Keychain being accessible directly on the page, and then you can use the 1Password pop-up, by clicking the 1Password icon in Safari's toolbar, to fill using 1Password.

    If you would like to turn off iCloud Keychain so you can use 1Password for Safari directly on fields, here is a guide: Turn off the built-in password manager in your browser


  • David72David72
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    This is very helpful! Thank you.

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