Can't copy and paste password into website field

Help! After hardening all my passwords (what a pain!), I find some sites don't display the 1P icon in the Password field (dunno why), so I fire up the v7 1Password application (Open 1Password option in Gear menu) to copy the password. But then, the *&#^% website won't let me paste the hardened password into the form's Password field. Instead, I have to flip back and forth between the form and 1P, remembering 3 or 4 gobbledygook characters at a time, until the whole (LONG!) password is correctly entered. Am I doing something wrong or is this SOP for some websites? Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

1Password Version: 7.9.5
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: macOS Big Sur 12.6.8
Browser:_ Chrome


  • williakzwilliakz
    Community Member

    Tickler: anyone interested in answering my question about some sites locking out password pasting into their Password fields?

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