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No iOS Spotlight Search in 1Password 8?

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Even since I installed 1Password 8, I've noticed that 1Password entries are no longer showing up in Spotlight Search on my iPhone. Was it removed?

1Password Version: 8.9.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi @JRok77:

    Great question. As it currently stands, 1Password 8 for iOS doesn't have Spotlight integration, so 1Password items won't be shown in Spotlight.

    With that said, I can see how it would be handy to see your 1Password items in Spotlight, so I'll add your thoughts to an existing feature request we have for this. While I can't promise anything, we use feedback like yours to help inform the future of 1Password.


    ref: IDEA-I-833

  • JRok77JRok77
    Community Member

    Thank you, @Jack.P_1P.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    On behalf of Jack, you're welcome.

  • hegguardohegguardo
    Community Member

    Does a comment here add any weight to feature (reimplementation) requests such as this?

  • Hi @hegguardo:

    Yes! Letting us know your feedback here on the 1Password Support Community allows us to pass on your thoughts to the feature request tracker, and our teams uses this to understand what features our users would like to see. I'll pass on your vote to the existing feature request for this so our team know you'd like to see 1Password 8 for iOS integrate with Spotlight.

  • eFormseForms
    Community Member

    Spotlight search missing is terrible!
    Please bring it back

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member


    Thank you for the feedback! I've added your comment to the feature request tracker as well. 😊

  • eFormseForms
    Community Member

    We’ve been with you for a long time.
    Trying LastPass & RoboForm :(

  • MsQueenMsQueen
    Community Member

    Omg, please add this feature back. What was the point of its removal? It’s so useful

  • Thanks for the additional feedback, @MsQueen. We appreciate you letting us know how useful this is to you. I've included a +1 for you in this feature request. 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-833

  • FlashbaxFlashbax
    Community Member

    Bring it back please

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Thanks for your vote, @Flashbax. I've added it to our tracker.

    ref: IDEA-I-833

  • dimashokdimashok
    Community Member
    edited January 22

    Spotlight integration is essential!
    Has it been prioritized for a release?

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member


    Thank you for the feedback. I've let the product team know that this is something that you'd like to see.


    ref: PB-30424831

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