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I'm curious whether there's a way to share items & have them transfer to the recipient's vault upon them accepting the share link. I have created a bunch of logins for team members, and I don't want them to stay in my vault - I want them to own the login. I don't have access to their vaults, so I can't simply use the "move to vault" feature. Does this make sense?

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  • Hi @swrobel,

    At the present, there are a couple ways you can share individual items with your teammates, however, both methods will not result in your item being deleted automatically:

    Password Secure Sharing Tool

    You can use the secure sharing tool to share a link for an individual item with your teammate (via an internal tool, email, or another means of communication). The recipient will be able to save the item in their vault upon receipt (they may have to go through verification depending on the setting you chose).

    This will not delete your item within your vault, so you'll need to do so manually after your colleague has reported saving it on their end.

    Securely share 1Password items with anyone

    Send a copy beta feature

    With 1Password Business or Teams, there is a feature that allows you to send a copy of an item directly to someone's Private vault. First, an account owner or administrator will need to enable Beta Features within the account Settings page:

    1. Sign in to your account on
    2. Click Settings in the administrative sidebar. Then click Beta at the top.
    3. Toggle the Enable Beta Features setting and click Save Settings.

    This will allow your team members to make use of the "Item sharing" feature. This allows a team member to send a copy of an item directly to another team member's Private vault, which is ideal for infrequent sharing of sensitive items, like documents and passwords that only a select person should have access to. Currently, this option is only available on the web interface.

    1. Sign in to your account on
    2. Click on the vault containing the item you want to share.
    3. Select the item you want to share.
    4. Click the share button and select Send a copy.

    An independent copy of the item will be created in the selected member's Private vault; they won't receive a notification, so be sure to let them know yourself that you've sent them something. This method will not delete the original item as well; that will need to be deleted manually.

    Create a new vault and share it with the team member

    Finally, while not one of the above sharing methods, you can create a new vault, populate it with the items your teammate needs, then share it with them so they can move items to their own Private vault. After that's done the new vault can be deleted along with the original items.

    Let me know if the above doesn't help with your use case. I'll be happy to pass on your feedback to our development team for consideration and potentially find a better solution for your situation.

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    Amazing @ag_max! Thanks for the detail!!!

  • You're very welcome, @swrobel!

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    @ag_max the "Send a copy beta feature" does not seem to be working as described. I've tried sending 2 different items to 2 different team members, and neither one has been able to find the item in their vault. They're database credentials if that's important. I just fell back to the password sharing tool, but it would be great if I could use this beta feature because I can just send a copy & delete from my vault without waiting for confirmation from the recipient that they've copied it before deleting.
    database credential

  • @swrobel,

    I've tried sending 2 different items to 2 different team members, and neither one has been able to find the item in their vault.

    Just to check, do you happen to know what versions of 1Password they're using? In my own testing with 1Password 8 for Windows, I found that I had to lock and unlock the app before I could receive and locate the item.

    Find the version numbers of the 1Password apps, 1Password in your browser, and your operating system

    If using 1Password 7 for Windows, there is a known issue that will result in the item being delayed. The workaround at the moment is to have the user(s) in question sign into the account's web interface - this triggers the "delivery" of the sent item, and it should appear in their private vault in the account after that in.

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