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Hi. I'm a new member just getting started. I've signed up for the families plan, but so far I am the only one who has done anything. I'm confused though because I don't understand the screen and why it says "Our Family". Is the account I set up some kind of "master" account? Where it sees everything? I had assume that everyone that gets invited would be displayed here, but why am I not listed there?

And I don't see any way to invite anyone else. How do I do that?

I also don't understand the Vault section. I see Private (I assume that is mine) and Shared. Will I see other family member's vaults or just mine?

Any help would be appreciated. So far I really like 1Password, but I'm having trouble leveraging the family part of things - is there like a best practices document for setting up families?


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  • Hi @lalbrecht1313,

    If you've created the 1Password Family account, you would be the Family Organizer; as a family organizer, your role is to manage your family members and the resources they have access to. You can find more information on this role and what it means by reading along with our About family organizers in 1Password Families guide.

    To add family members to your account:

    1. Click Invitations in the sidebar.
    2. Click Invite by Email and enter their email address.
    3. Click Invite.

    For more information on this, you can view our Add and remove family members support guide as well.

    Each family member starts with two vaults:

    • Everyone in your family has their own Private vault. You can’t see what’s in theirs, and they can’t see what’s in yours. Store things like your email login and social media passwords in your Private vault.

    • 1Password Families includes a Shared vault for items everyone in your family needs. It’s a great place for your Wi-Fi password and Netflix login, for example.

    For more information on 1Password Families, you can follow along below:

    About 1Password Families.
    Get started with 1Password Families.

  • lalbrecht1313lalbrecht1313
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    Thank you very much @ag_josephine . I was not finding the invitation link in the sidebar - I was in the app, not in the browser! Much appreciated - all the links were very helpful!

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    I'm happy that Josephine was able to help. 😊

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