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I would like to be able to hide vaults from some of my devices. More specifically, on my corporate PC, I would like to hide all vaults except for the one I use for work. I can easily do this with a collection, but on that same PC, I am still able to select another collection or the "all vaults" view. I guess what I am really asking for is to be able to pin some devices to a given collection, and to do so from the Teams website, without the client device being able to change settings.

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @cobaltjacket,

    Currently, there isn't a dedicated feature to completely hide or prevent the syncing of vaults to the 1Password app on a specific device. Whenever you sign into an account, all of the vaults you have access to within that account are then available inside the app on all your devices. You mentioned knowing about Collections as a possible solution, which would hide vaults from view until selected. Your request is something I'll be happy to pass on to our product team for consideration.

    There is another dedicated feature that could help, however it requires access to 1Password Business. The Manage App Access feature lets you choose which 1Password app platforms (1Password for Windows, for example) can be used to access a shared vault. When a particular app is deselected, any team members will be prevented from accessing the vault's contents on that platform. In addition, items existing in other vaults cannot be moved or copied to that vault as long as this option remains toggled. Any Private vaults cannot be managed by this feature; those will always be accessible to each individual team member.

    Additionally, if using a family or individual account alongside a team or business account at work, you could use separate browser profiles and disable the "Integrate with 1Password app" setting in the browser extension settings to keep your personal and work information separate.

  • cobaltjacketcobaltjacket
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    Thanks. That helped some, but the Private vault is still an issue. That intersects with another problem though - that SSH key have to be stored in the private vault.

  • ScottS1PScottS1P

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    Hi @cobaltjacket,

    That intersects with another problem though - that SSH key have to be stored in the private vault.

    I'm not sure I understand your concern. Can you clarify about why it's an issue for SSH keys to be stored in a private vault?

    Thank you,

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