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A Few Requests: A List Of Recent Searches, & The Option To Go Back To Search By Tapping On Search...

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edited December 2022 in iOS


I'd be interested in seeing a list of recent searches (via the search screen), such as underneath the search box, either before typing or during typing. (E.g., similar to how Google.com shows your recent searches when you click on the search field). I've included a screenshot as an example. Photo: https://imgur.com/a/uTYgsZR

Also, I keep tapping on the Search button, thinking it will take me back to the main search screen, and it'd be nice if it worked that way. E.g., if you're viewing an item from Search, be able to tap on the bottom Search icon & be taken back to the default search screen.

Additional notes:

  • If I'm viewing an item I've searched for, and I tap on the bottom "Search" button, the screen just goes blank.
  • And finally, the swipe-down-to-dismiss-keyboard gesture doesn't work if I swipe anywhere below the default Search graphic & text (where it says "Search for an item, category... etc.).

Thank you,
A 1Password Fan!

1Password Version: 8.9.9; 80909016 (TestFlight)
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: iOS 16.2 (latest public release)
Browser:_ N/A


  • appelmoesappelmoes
    Community Member

    Having the same issues!
    Please fix the ‘Search’ button issue that brings you to a blank page.
    Pretty annoying bug if you ask me :)

  • nimvionimvio
    Community Member

    Agreed, @appelmoes. I still keep thinking tapping the Search icon will take me back to the search screen.

  • joshrayjoshray
    Community Member

    Came here to say this. This bug is not present in the Android version.

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