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Feature Request: Use Regular Expressions to search passwords

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I'm dealing with some password breaches that were found by McAfee. They will allow me to view the email and password from the breach, but they only give the first two and last two characters of the compromised password (sensibly enough). That makes it really tough to search through my vault to find which password was compromised. As much as I hate dealing with RegEx, it would be nice if the search bar allowed an advanced search mode that supported something like RegEx so I can make a more thorough search through my vault for the offending items.

1Password Version: 8.9.12
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser:_ Chrome 108.0.5359.126
Referrer: forum-search:regex


  • 1P_Gem1P_Gem

    Team Member

    Hi @cfbenbow, thanks for reaching out about this! I can definitely understand how this type of advanced search mode would be helpful for situations like this. We've heard similar feedback from other users too, and I've passed your feedback along to our Product team for further consideration.

    In the meantime, is the Watchtower feature able to identify these compromised passwords for you?

  • pmelvinpmelvin
    Community Member

    Just wanted to +1 this, as I ran into the exact same issue only with a report put out by Credit Karma. It would be great if the search feature was a bit more advanced (or have the option to do so). The ability to select a specific field to search against as well as regular expression.

  • 1P_Gem1P_Gem

    Team Member

    Hi @pmelvin, thanks for letting us know that you'd like to see this as well 😄 I've passed your suggestions along to our Product team.

    If you have any further feedback or questions, let us know.

    ref: 30417909

  • cfbenbowcfbenbow
    Community Member

    @1P_Gem, no, Watchtower did not identify these passwords, McAfee did. I was eventually able to scrub through them all and identify most with the help of 1P. I came over from LP, so I am going to have to scrub all of my passwords anyway.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hello @cfbenbow,

    Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know these passwords were identified through McAfee. I'm happy to hear that with the help of 1Password, you were able to clean those up.

    While you continue to work your through other passwords, you can follow these guides to:

    In the meantime, I have passed your details along to the Product team. If you have any other specific details to share about we could improve the search functionality, please let us know!

    ref: 30595144

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