1Password is down to 2.7/5 in the Apple App Store. Agile Bits, do you even care???

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Version 8 is a hot mess. App-breaking bugs that have gone un-addressed for months. Features outright removed in the new version 8, while the previous version 7 was removed from the App Store for any new downloads.

Post after post here about these issues and they go all but ignored by the developer.

Please, tell us you’re only concerned about money without telling us you’re only concerned about money. That’s fine. If this trends continues you won’t have any money to be concerned with!


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    Would love for this to get an honest response from 1Password. Ver. 8 release, for iOS especially, should be a real embarrassment to them, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like they care since these issues have persisted for several months now.

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