Not getting prompted to update password when page is inside an HTML frame


I'm seeing an issue where 1Password is not working correctly when the page being viewed is inside an HTML frameset. The change password for the page is inside an HTML frame (same domain).

When I click in the Current field, I see the 1Password icon, but clicking on it does not bring up any options, nor does clicking in the field. Likewise, clicking on the New Password field does not bring up the suggestion box for a new password.

If I change the password, 1Password never prompts me to update my 1Password profile for the site.

However, if I bust out of the HTML frame, everything works exactly as I would expect it to. Clicking on the Current field gives me the option to fill in my password, clicking in the "New Password" field gives me a suggestion (and clicking on it fills in both the New and Confirm fields) and then I'm prompted to update my 1Password profile.

Is there a reason 1Password is not working inside a frame?

Is this a known issue?

I looked through the forums but could not find any related posts.

1Password Version: 8.9.13
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser:_ All


  • Hello @dswitzer, thank you for contacting us!

    The frameset has been deprecated, and that feature is no longer recommended.

    However, we've pushed a fix for this on version 2.4.0 of the 1Password extension. Our fix can help in a lot of cases, but not for some websites.

    You mentioned when working outside of the HTML frame, 1Password works. May I ask if this a website you're building?

    I look forward to hearing from you, @dswitzer!

  • dswitzer
    Community Member


    This is an application I'm using, but was just testing to see what might be the root cause. I noticed if I busted out of the frame it worked the way I expected.

    I'm running 2.5.1, so it appears the fix from 2.4.0 does not work for me. I did discover that if I click the 1Password extension button I can go to the "Generate Password" suggestion and if I click the "Autofill" button that fills in the password.

  • @dswitzer:

    I'm sorry to hear that the fix did not work for this situation.

    You're correct, this is the workaround we recommend for websites that still use frameset. I do apologize for the extra steps here.

    Please let me know if there's anything else we can help you with, @dswitzer.

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