Is it possible to use 1password CLI with Flutter to load env file?

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I'm trying to see if I can replace my env file values with op url calls, per

To get the standard flutter run to pick up the value stored in 1pass, I'm running op run --env-file="./.env" -- flutter run

But I think Dart only allows url schemes http and https because I'm getting the following error:

[] Unhandled Exception: OperationException(linkException: ServerException(originalException: Invalid argument(s): Unsupported scheme 'op' in URI op://vault/item/section/label, originalStackTrace: #0      _HttpClient._openUrl (dart:_http/http_impl.dart:2698:9)
#1      _HttpClient.openUrl (dart:_http/http_impl.dart:2591:7)
#2      DatadogTrackingHttpClient._openUrl (package:datadog_tracking_http_client/src/tracking_http_client.dart:127:35)
#3      DatadogTrackingHttpClient.openUrl (package:datadog_tracking_http_client/src/tracking_http_client.dart:261:7)
#4      IOClient.send (package:http/src/io_client.dart:57:38)
#5      HttpLink._executeRequest (package:gql_http_link/src/link.dart:131:43)
#6      HttpLink.request (package:gql_http_link/src/link.dart:76:32)

Here's the Dart source code that says they'll only honor http and https:

Is there another way run a Flutter app so that it can pick up the env vars via 1pass? If not, is the only way through to open a PR with Dart requesting that they support the "op" scheme?

1Password Version: 2.13.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.6.1
Browser:_ Not Provided
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