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Bug: Password reverting back to old one.

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  1. Log in through Windows 11 - Chrome - 1Password website.
  2. Add a Yubikey.
  3. Sign in to your Google account and change the password. Generate a new password from 1Password and update it. Then, go to the 1Password app and double-check if the password has been updated correctly.
  4. Using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, sign in to Google using the Samsung web browser and auto-fill using 1Password.
  5. 1Password will ask you to unlock it with your Yubikey.
  6. Go back to the Samsung web browser and log in to Google. Then auto-fill cannot log in, wrong password. Check the password, it is still the old password.
  7. Go back to the Windows 1Password app and check the Google password, it has reverted back to the old one.
  8. Log in to the 1Password web and check the password history. The new password is now in the history.

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  • jvosk
    Community Member

    I've experienced this too. It seems there's something going on with syncing multiple clients and not correctly recognising the most-recent-edit-timestamp.

    I don't think it's a wrong-local-time-on-client issue, as I experienced the same symptoms between Windows 1Password desktop client and 1Password browser client, on the same PC.

  • Brrry
    Community Member

    Another issue.
    I signed into the 1Password app on my iPad without using a Yubikey, then activated the Yubikey on my PC yesterday. Today, when I signed into the 1Password app on my iPad using Touch ID, it didn't prompt me for my Yubikey. I only realized I was not signed in when I tried to access a website with an outdated password.

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