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Option to export with a filter (by category, tag, etc)

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I have a family account, and just created a new account for my mum, so previously all of her passwords I just saved in my own account but now I want to export them and move them to her new account, it seems that the export feature just exports the whole vault, is it possible to filter so that only specified data can be imported to another account? Or is there another way to move the passwords to her account?

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  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    If you have a family account, and your mum has a member account within that family account, it's quite easy to move her passwords over from your account to her without import/export. You're probably the family organizer, so you are able to create shared vaults accessible from more than one family member. Create a temporary vault and make sure you and your mum have access to it. Then move your mum's items from your vault to that temporary vault. Then change to your mum's account and move the items from the temporary vault to her personal vault. Then delete the now empty temporary vault, or keep it in case both of you have items you want to permanently share between the two of you.

  • dtradtra
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    All right, will give that a go, thanks. But I still think providing a filter on the export is a good idea.

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