1Password for Mac vs 1Password for Safari?

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I'm confused about this! I have the Mac version installed, but it said to get the one for Safari. Are they talking about the Safari extension?? What is the differences in these two?

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  • @CAGuy

    1Password 8 is the desktop version. It would not talk directly with the browser. 1Password for Safari is the browser (extension) component of the equation. If you use the Safari browser they are companion apps. The extension allows filling and saving directly from the browser. If you're looking to use Touch ID or Apple Watch Unlock, you'd need to use 1Password 8 as it does the heavy lifting for that feature, so to speak.

    In 1Password 8 the extension is no longer bundled with the app as it was in previous versions of 1Password.


    You'll likely want to install 1Password in Safari on your Mac for use with 1Password 8. Please open it at least once and follow the directions being sure to allow it access to all sites. We need that permission to perform the following on your behalf.

    • The ability to scan (read) the page HTML to determine if it’s fillable. This also tells us where/when to inject the inline menu.

    • The ability to autofill (write) to the site. While performing an autofill, it effectively changes the HTML. When you submit the autofill, it will allow you to authenticate it properly.

      There is no need to add 1Password for Safari to your login items or Dock. It only needs to be opened once for the initial configuration. From then on it can live silently in your Applications folder.

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