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Introducing 1Password Labs

Hello everyone,

We're thrilled to announce the introduction of labs in our stable apps today! Labs is an experimental space where we can explore and test new features, benefiting from valuable feedback from real users in the early stages of development. Earlier this month we launched labs in our beta channels, and the customer feedback has been really positive!

To participate in an experimental feature, users will need to enable each feature that they'd like to test within the apps, which puts you in full control of the experience.

How to access experimental features

It's simple! Currently, in all the 1Password apps, you'll find a new tab conveniently located under settings. Just click on the "Labs" tab, and you'll be presented with a list of all available experimental features. From there, you can easily toggle each feature on or off at any time, enabling or disabling them to give them a try. If you’re a desktop user, make sure to also download our browser extensions to ensure you can try out all experimental features.

Why use labs?

By participating in these experimental features, you get a chance to experience and influence the development of new features firsthand. Your feedback and insights play a crucial role in shaping the direction of these features. We value your input, and labs provide an opportunity for you to be an integral part of our product development process.

It's important to note that not all experimental features within labs will become available to all 1Password users. Labs allows us to test and iterate on different ideas, and not all features will make it to our beta apps or general availability.

Providing feedback

When you test features within labs, we encourage you to share your feedback in our new labs community forum category. You will find a thread there for every experimental feature. We welcome your insights and thoughts as this will help shape the future of 1Password.

Our first experimental feature: default details

We are very excited about our first experiment: default details! It will give you the ability to claim a default identity item and credit/debit card. Whenever autofill comes into play, those will take the top position in the list. You can choose your default details in any 1Password app. Begin testing right away when you autofill information on your desktop or iOS. The autofill functionality for default details on 1Password for Android will be available soon.

Let us know what you think and let's work together to make 1Password even better.

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