extending support for trusted web browsers (windows)


When will this be available for windows version of 1password?

And it is still only nightly builds? Or can beta builds be used?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: win 10 2021 ltsc
Browser: Waterfox


  • Hello @4EverMaAT! 👋

    Thanks for the question, we're very excited about the new support for custom browsers in 1Password for Mac. Custom browser support is now available in the regular production version of 1Password for Mac through Labs:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Mac.
    2. Click on 1Password next to the  in the menu bar.
    3. Click on Settings.
    4. Click on Labs.
    5. Click Enable custom browser support.

    While we hope to bring this feature to other platforms as well in the future, it will initially only be available on macOS.