1Password 8 and Apple App Store

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I realize that this is an old topic but I ran into the issue today:

Got a new MacBook and setting it up. One of the first things: 1Password! Open App Store, type in 1Password, yep there is it is, install. Done. You want to enable Safari extension. Yes!

A while later 1Password tells me: You want to upgrade to 1Password 8 via download?

Me??? I just installed it how can there be an update? Google. Result something about version 8 not being in the App Store, one liners, no real explanation but ok. Go ahead, download and upgrade ...

Hhm, things getting weird ... two 1Password Apps but seems the same vault? But 1Password in Safari only works when the 1Password 7 App is unlocked.

Googling, searching, reading forum articles here ... apparently 1 Password 7 came with the extension build in, for 1 Password 8 you have to download "1Password for Safari".

Download extension, install, remove the old one, remove old 1 Password 7 App, etc ...

Hhm, what I thought takes me 10 min, installing 1Password, ended up to be about 2 hours of digging around to find out what's going on. Very annoying and unnecessary.

Why is 1 Password 7 still in the App Store and hasn't been removed to avoid this?

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  • Hello @anschmid! 👋

    I'm sorry for the confusion, we can definitely improve the state of things when it comes to installing 1Password for Mac and I've passed along your experience to team internally. 1Password 8 for Mac isn't currently available in the Mac App Store. Instead, our latest app can be downloaded directly through our website.

    Hhm, things getting weird ... two 1Password Apps but seems the same vault?

    The upgrade to 1Password 8 should have removed 1Password 7 from your Mac. If it didn't, then you can safely remove 1Password 7 from your Mac once you've verified that you see all of your items in 1Password:

    1. Quit all open web browsers.
    2. Right click on any 1Password icons that you see in your menu bar and click Quit for 1Password 8 and Quit 1Password Completely for 1Password 7.
    3. Open the Applications folder on your Mac.
    4. Drag "1Password 7" to the trash. (Leave "1Password" and "1Password for Safari where they are.)
    5. Restart your Mac.

    Let me know if you run into any issues. 🙂