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Feature request with suggested solution - inheritance problem

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Please share thoughts on this suggestion for passing on vaults after death etc

Step 1. 1Password implements passkey unlock that is pure passkey unlock from scratch with no other devices needed and no recovery code needed. The current implementation unfortunately isn't doing this. Thankfully it's in beta so there is hope for an improvement ... Fingers crossed 🤞....FEATURE REQUEST PLEASE

Step 2. Create a yubikey with your passkey to your accounts on it. Give this yubikey to the intended recipient. Do not share the yubikey password

Step 3. Have a service pass on the yubikey password to intended recipient. Ideally 1password could do this by email after X months inactivity. FEATURE REQUEST PLEASE. You can choose to opt in if this works for you. If you don't like this approach you can have your solicitor pass on your yubikey password upon your death. In an emergency you can also send your yubikey password to the yubikey holder to help you out, or send your the yubikey for your own use

What do you think?

Feature requests required

  1. Pure passkey unlock access - no recovery code or existing device required
  2. Ability to email specified recipients with message after X weeks inactivity

Additional feature request

  1. Promote family account regular user to manager user after X weeks inactivity of manager

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  • @mike48397289

    Thank you for the suggestions and requests. I'll get these before the team. Estate planning is something that is on all of our minds. Hopefully, we can improve on this front. At present the best suggestion I can offer is to place your Emergency Kit with your other important papers.