1PW extension (Chrome, Mac) prevents carriage return/enter key function w/ Sign in with Apple

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1PW extension (Chrome, Mac) prevents the carriage return/enter key from working when using w/ Sign in with Apple

Noted this on a number of occasions. 1PW fills in my Apple ID, but hitting return or enter key does nothing. Disabling the 1PW extension fixes the problem, but obviously removes the autofill feature.

The URL is of the form: "https://appleid.apple.com/auth/authorize?scope=name email openid&state=XXXXXXXXXXX" (removed XXXXXXXXXXX for security reasons)

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.28 (81028017)
Extension Version: 22100101, on BETA channel
OS Version: Version 14.4 Beta (23E5205c)
Browser: Version 123.0.6312.4 (Official Build) beta (arm64)


  • Hello @spinoza, thank you for reaching out.

    I'm sorry to hear about the issue you ran into with the 1Password extension. I've done some testing on my end and have been able to reproduce the same behaviour using the beta version of the 1Password extension. I couldn't reproduce the problem using the stable version.

    I've created an issue for our development team to look further into this and added you as an affected user to our internal reporting.

    May I confirm if you're experiencing this using the stable and beta version of the 1Password extension?

    Looking forward to hearing back.


    ref: dev/core/core#28217