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Feature request: "browser mode" without access to passwords

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One feature to add to your feature creep list. :)

I'd love to be able to use the 1Password browser without having to enter the password every time or disable passwords to access my keyring. There are lots of great reasons to use the 1Password browser as my go-to browser but it's really a pain to type in a password every time. Often I don't know until I've done some browsing that I will need to visit a site that requires my password. Presently I have to exit my primary browser and then open up 1Password and possibly paste stuff from that browser into 1Password, which can require multiple trips between the other browser and 1Password and multiple prompts to enter my master password.

This would be sort of like "guest mode" except that instead of a blank demo password database you go straight to the browser and only get prompted for a password if you want to access something in the keyring.

It could be set in the preferences whether to open the browser or the password prompt at launch, or the browser tab/button could be on the pasword prompt page.

It would be so much easier to make 1Password my primary browser if I could get at it without having to type my master password.

Bonus I didn't think of until now. If I want to show someone else a web page and not give them access to all my passwords I could just lock 1Password and go back to the page I'm on, then hand the iPad or iPhone to the other person. That would be rad.

Extra bonus for you: the more I use the 1Password browser the more other people see me using it. Just saying.



  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni

    I’ll pass your feature request along to the developers. Thanks for your feedback! :D

  • jofojofo
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    You could install the bookmarklet in Safari so that if you're at a site that's stored in your 1password file, you can tap it and will go to the browser in one password and though that site

  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni

    Good tip, @jofo! The bookmarklet can really make things more convenient.

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