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DaMacManDaMacMan Junior Member
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There needs to be a Password Generator in the 1PW program, preferably in the sidebar, or the drop-down tab! Why is there no longer a Password Generator in the 1Pasword program? I've been using 1PW since the beginning and there used to be a Password Generator icon in the sidebar. In earlier versions I could the set the options for number of characters, symbols, etc., and see the strength of the password and make any changes before using it. Now, after upgrading to PW 4 there isn't one, except in the mini-1PW in the browser. Bring the Password Generator back into the program, not just in the browser!


  • oshloeloshloel Junior Member
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    It's still there in the 1PW main app. You just need to be in the Edit mode of either a new or existing item for it to appear. It's the little safe dial icon next to the password field.

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