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I cannot synchronize with Dropbox (due to bugs maybe??)

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I just bought 1Password for Mac OSX I and want to synchronize the passwords with my Dropbox account. I have followed the steps in this video tutorial: http://help.agilebits.com/1Password3/cloud_syncing_with_dropbox.html

The only problem I have is that there is not "Start using Dropbox" button in the Settings->General as it is in the video.

In the synchronize tab I can choose Dropbox and then it prompts me to select the valve file. The problem there is when I have selected the valve file, nothing happens when I press the continue button. A bug??


  • MeganMegan
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    Hi @rox,

    I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble getting things synced up. Now the video tutorial you mention is for 1Password 3. But it sounds like you're using 1Password 4 We have shiny new instructions for syncing 1Password 4 via Dropbox here: http://learn.agilebits.com/1Password4/Mac/en/Features/Sync/dropbox.html. These instructions should make a bit more sense, and they've got a lot of pictures to guide you through.

    If you run into any snags during the process though, we're here to help!

  • roxrox
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    Thank you! The sync now works perfectly between my different devices :-)

  • sjksjk
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    Hi @rox,

    On @Megan's behalf, you're welcome. Great to hear you've got your intra-device Dropbox syncing with 1Password successfully working! Thanks for stopping by again to let us know. :)

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