Help Telephone number?

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My 1password does not sync. Need to talk to someone in help. Can't find telephone number.>


  • bobshep5
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    Request help telephone number for 1password

  • Stephen_C
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    You will get the fastest support if you explain in a post here exactly what is happening and what you are trying to do. A lot of people read this forum who are willing to help. Please start by telling us:

    1. What version number of 1P4 you are using?
    2. What is your OS X version.
    3. What you are trying to sync to (an iDevice or another Mac) and what version of 1P4 that device is running.
    4. How you are trying to sync (wifi, Dropbox or iCloud) and what messages you see when you try.


  • Hi @bobshep5‌,

    Stephen_C is correct, this is the fastest way you can get help. Please let us know what's going on and we'll help you fix the sync issue.

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