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Recently I had problems getting updated passwords on my iOS devices and I had problems logging into 1PasswordAnywhere.

I fixed the first part of the issue by deleting the html file and allow 1Password to regenerate it again. I am getting updated passwords on my iOS devices however I am still not able to log into 1PasswordAnywhere. I would get the error message in the screenshot. Usually I get that error when I am not logged into Dropbox but this happens when I am logged in.

What should I do?.


  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    Dropbox recently made some kind of change in their protocols that broke 1PasswordAnywhere so that no one can gain access to it at the moment without some rather esoteric modifications the the HTML file. There are a couple of long threads about this here in the forums. AgileBits is in communication with Dropbox about this, and Dropbox is reported to be working on a fix. But there is no public ETA on when we might see it. For now, we all are having to wait patiently (or impatiently).

  • natsoranatsora
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    Thanks! I thought I did something wrong.

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    The latest report is that Dropbox has a fix, which they are testing internally before releasing it. Here's hoping the testing is going well and quickly!

  • Another1Another1 Junior Member
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    Try user gyran's extension for chrome, works today (and on non-deployed windows machines and unix OS)


  • MeekMeek

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    Hi @natsora,

    I just wanted to give you an update that 1PasswordAnywhere should be working properly now!


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