Conflicts after re-activating sync [Improved in 4.4 for Mac and 4.5.1 for iOS updates.]

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I was changing my password on a popular web site tonight, so I used 1Password on my Mac to generate a new password. This was then synced to my other Mac and my iPad. I then discovered that my iPhone had lost its sync setup (it gave me the choice of iCloud, Dropbox, etc.), so I re-set up my Dropbox sync (as it had been previously--not sure when it forgot the sync setup--maybe when I changed my Dropbox password?). The iPhone contained the old version of the password of that same popular web site, and as soon as I completed a sync, this old version spread to the other three devices. On both Macs, the new password I had generated tonight was completely gone (it did not even appear under "Previously Used Passwords"). On the iPad, however, there was a "CONFLICTS" section of the screen showing the new password. This CONFLICTS section was extremely useful--I would have lost the newer password without it.

My guess is that the problem came when I re-established syncing on my iPhone, though I am surprised that an older password superseded a newer one. I will soon be working on my parents' Macs & iPhones, helping them change Heartbleed passwords. If I find that one of their devices is no longer syncing, what is the best way to re-establish sync without having old information overwrite newer information? I must be overlooking something here.

I am a huge fan of 1Password--that's why this hiccup surprised me so much!


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    sounds a bit like This problem

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    Hi @ra2,

    That was a horrible bug we had in the 1Password 4.5 update, it was quickly fixed in the 4.5.1 update. The issue was that the sync conflict resolution was picking the older one instead of the new one when it merges it in.

    The best thing right now is to make sure you're using 1Password 4.5.1 on the iOS devices and 1Password 4.4 on the Macs. Once you do that, use 1Password on the Mac to perform a backup before proceeding, which is done automatically once a day when changes are made or you can just go to the File Menu > Backup.... Once you do this, go ahead and make changes, it should be working much better now.

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