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Some time back I purchased 1Password for my iOS devices, for my laptop, and for my wife's laptop. I knew there was an option to purchase either from AgileBits website or the AppStore, but everything I read indicated there was no difference so I decided to order through AgileBits so that the money flowed directly to you. I thought I was doing the right thing.

Now, I've had to add another Apple computer to the mix and I researched the best way to sync all three systems. The answer was clear: iCloud! But then I discovered this won't work. I made the (in retrospect) mistake of supporting your company the best way I knew how: send the money directly to you.

Is there a way I can obtain iCloud sync in 1Password 5 without having to repurchase three new copies through the AppStore?



  • hawkmoth
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    I haven't had any trouble using Dropbox for syncing with al Apple devices. The real security is the strength of your master password, in any case, not the cloud solution you use for syncing. That would be a no-cost solution for you if you stay with the version you already have.

    You wouldn't need to make three purchases for the three Mac. If all three Macs use the same Apple ID for purchases in the Mac App Store, you can install the software on all of them with one purchase. And if you and your wife don't share the same Apple ID, the software is also eligible for Family Sharing, if you are both in the same family group. The AgileBits license these days is consistent with the same terms - you can install and use it with a single user license on all the computers used by up to six family members in the same household.

    As to your question about transferring your license to the Mac App Store, I've read enough similar requests here to know that there is no mechanism that a developer can use to transfer a license purchased outside of the Apple ecosystem over to it. Purchasers from AgileBits who bought within the 30 day money back guarantee period can request a refund so they can purchase from Apple, but your first sentence seems to imply that this wouldn't apply in your case. The situation is discussed in the second post at the top of this forum, here.

  • Hi @BrannonSG‌,

    Thanks for writing in. I'm sorry that this wasn't made clearer before buying. If you purchased 1Password for Mac within 30 days we can issue a refund for the Website version of the app so that you can re-purchase on the Mac App Store. If you did the purchase within 30 days and would like a refund, you can email and we'll get that processed for you.

    iCloud Sync is pretty cool, but personally I prefer Dropbox sync. It's much more flexible and gives me access to 1PasswordAnywhere. As @hawkmoth mentioned, we don't rely on Dropbox's security at all... the security is all backed by your Master Password + a large random key. Using Dropbox also allows you to sync with 1Password for Windows and Android as well.

    I hope this helps.


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