Usernames and passwords are not filling

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  • Californiajoe
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    My usernames and passwords no longer fill! I can, however, manually fill using the 1PW information since the websites do open in preparation to receive usernames and passwords. I am running MacOS 10.10.1; 1PW 5.0.2; and 1PW Extension 4.3.0.b2 enabled. Yesterday (12/28) I logged into agile and paid with VISA to upgrade my license to 1PW 5; still does not fill. This morning trashed existing 1PW 5 and downloaded another 1PW 5 which reflected yesterdays purchase when license was checked.
    THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING. It appears others are having the same issue without resolve. The need to create separate accounts and logins for agile bits and the agile bits forum just add to the frustration.

  • Megan
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    Hi @Californiajoe‌

    I moved your comment into its own separate topic, since it seems that the issue you describe might be different than what is being discussed in the previous thread.

    Thanks so much for including your version numbers in your original post - that makes it a lot simpler to get started here! I'd love a few more details though:

    • Which browser are you seeing this behaviour in? Is it consistent across multiple browsers?
    • Are all websites failing to fill? Or are there a few that are acting up? (If there are a few troublemakers, please share the URLs with us so we can do some testing.
    • Do you have any firewalls or proxies installed? If so, please have a look at our User Guide article on Configuring a proxy server or firewall.

    The need to create separate accounts and logins for agile bits and the agile bits forum just add to the frustration.

    I do apologize for the frustration here, but I'm not quite sure I understand what you are referring to here. Do you mean the email address/password combination used to access the AgileBits customer care centre to view your license details? The customer care centre and the forum are two separate services, so you will require separate accounts for each. We're using a hosting service for our forums, so I'm not sure if it would be possible (or if it would be desirable for many users) to directly link the customer centre account to the forum user account.

    I hope that the user guide link helps you get things sorted out, but if you're still having trouble, please provide us with a bit more detail on the situation and we'll get you sorted out!

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