No automatic removal of old when I generate new site password?

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Just changed my login password on a website through 1password. When I go to my login list, there are now 2 entries for the site. Doesn't 1password eliminate the old one when I generate a new password? If not, and I have to do it manually, how do I tell which is the old and which the new in the login list? Thanks for any help.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @dcurran100‌

    Can I ask, when you changed your login password did you wait for 1Password to ask you and then you clicked the Save button and did it look like this?

    If you click the drop down icon (circled in red) you'll have the option to change the action from Save new Login to Update existing Login (see below)

    If you have multiple entries with this specific URL then you can select which one you want to update. The text box for titling a new item turns into a drop down menu when you switch to Update existing Login (see below)

    Hopefully those three images help with how to update rather than save a new Login. Now to the other problem, distinguishing between the old and new. Each entry maintains a created and modified timestamp and you can also sort the item list too

    I would assume the newer one is the good one. Edit the title to easily tell which is which and try logging in with the newer one. Once you've confirmed it's good you can delete the old one or update it with the newer password, whichever you prefer.

    If you have any questions do ask :smile:

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