trouble autofilling bank account

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just started using 1password and am having trouble with some sites autofilling--am using Chrome

one site is my credit card-citibank
anbother is my banking

my american express cards and some other sites are working fine


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @ldiorio‌

    Ah, Citibank :stuck_out_tongue: how we love them. Does the thread, Having trouble getting citibank credit card websites accept username and password help at all there? Citibank are a joy to work with as actually most banks are. They're some of the most hostile web pages I think I've ever seen. I'll save you from some of the more odd examples I've come across.

    Part of the problem is it can be nearly impossible for us to diagnose some pages if they're hidden behind a first stage login page we can't get past, like citizen bank.

    So there are a couple of things you can try (in no particular order).

    Now if your bank employs the nth character from a password trick then at the moment 1Password isn't much use for an automated system but we can still help you record details so you never forget. One user submitted trick in these instances is to use spaces in a long password to create chunks of characters, easily allowing you to identify which character you're interested in. Simple but effective so if you're password is:

    ho3QaNnmBb&tlJbfljj[ you could save it as ho3Qa NnmBb &tlJb fljj[ for easier reading of the nth character. I had my own way but this is more elegant in my opinion.

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