I have the IOS version of 1 password and it is working great - but I don't run Yosemite on my Mac

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I am trying to install 1Password on my mac but I have to run maverick (for now - company policy). I thought I read that I can use 1password 4 and do like WIFI sync - is that correct? Also I looked on the APPSTORE and it is only version 5. So if I go to the website and purchase version 4 - when I get to yosemite can I upgrade for free?
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    I'm not sure what the answer is to your question about wifi sync, but I can report that if you go to the AgileBits web store and purchase a license to 1Password 5, the license file will be the same as the one for version 4. Near the bottom of the download page is a link to download legacy version, including version 4. Just apply the license file you receive to that version once you have it installed. And, since the license is the same, you'll be ready to upgrade to version 5 for free when you are able to use it.

    Do be aware that purchasing from AgileBits instead of the Mac App Store will mean that iCloud syncing won't be available to you. There might be a way to trick the App Store into giving you access to version 4, but I'm afraid I don't know how to do that.

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    Hi @costah‌

    I'm assuming you're running 1Password 5 on iOS 8. If that's wrong at all please let us know what you are using.

    Your options for syncing between 1Password 5 for iOS and either 1Password 4 or 1Password 5 for Mac are either Wi-Fi or Dropbox Sync. Dropbox has advantages but if you're not a fan of cloud services then you do have Wi-Fi Sync available. Something to be aware of is syncing attachments via Wi-Fi is limited to 1Password 5 as it's one of the recent improvements we've made.

    As for purchasing. If you were to purchase direct from us then running 1Password 4 is easy. The only difference is you need to be aware and to download the correct version from our AgileBits Download page. A 1Password 5 licence file works just as well in 1Password 4 as it does 1Password 5 and if you ever upgrade to Yosemite you're free to upgrade to 1Password 5. The key difference between the Agile Web Store and Apple's Mac App Store (MAS) is that iCloud sync is now limited to applications or apps sold via Apple's stores so our Web Store version can't use iCloud Sync going forward.

    If iCloud Sync is important to you it is possible to download the 1Password 4 MAS version but the tricky part is I believe you need to have at least temporary access to a machine running Yosemite. If you can purchase 1Password (MAS), the bit that I think needs the Yosemite machine, then you can definitely download 1Password 4 (MAS) on a Mavericks machine. This is all Apple's Mac App Store so out of our control. My understanding, which I can't test, is you can't purchase 1Password on a Mavericks machine because it requires Yosemite and so Apple won't let you. As I've been a MAS owner for a while there's no easy way for me to test. What I can confirm you can definitely do though is if you try to download 1Password 5 on a Mavericks machine, the App Store will recognise you can't run it and ask if you want to download the last compatible version which was 1Password 4.

    Even if you purchase 1Password (MAS) you should be aware because of the massive overhaul of iCloud between Mavericks and Yosemite, even running the MAS version of 1Password 4 won't allow you to use iCloud sync if you're running 1Password 5 for iOS. It's been a painful transition but as Yosemite and iOS 8 gain popularity it won't be as tough a pill to swallow.

    If you have any other questions do please ask :smile:

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