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Hi - not sure how to contact support so apologies if this is not the right way. My mac version of 1password is saying "trial expired". I was sure i paid and sure enough i found an itunes receipt for "1password pro features". So now i'm really confused - does this somehow entitle me to use 1password, i guess not, or have i stupidly paid for pro-features on a trail version so now that money is wasted unless i pay another $50?

Maybe i'm just dumb but the licencing around 1password is very very confusing.



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    You paid for the Pro version of the iOS app and not the Mac application. They are separate products and separate purchases. You would need to purchase the Mac license. It currently is $50 in the store. Web or Mac App Store.

    There is not a Pro version for the Mac app.

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    Hi @lh49

    Sorry it's not the news you probably wanted to hear but yes, 1Password licences have always been per platform. We try to make the version on each platform as complete as we can (the goal is feature continuity over all platforms) and so you only pay for the software on the platforms you want to use. We have iOS only users, Mac only users but we have a lot of crossover too. I think it's partly from what direction you come from. I started as a Mac user happy to pay the equivalent of $50 for the Mac version. After that a few dollars for the iOS version is inconsequential compared to the genuine usefulness of suddenly having your previously desktop bound vault on your phone.

    To better explain iOS. With version 4 and earlier it was a paid app. We've tried something new this time and looked at the freemium model with the in-app purchase unlocking several potentially useful features. You're not obliged to make the in-app purchase though nor are you forced to sync your vault with your Mac. The hope is you find it so useful on one platform that you want to use it elsewhere.

    If you have any further questions do please ask.

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