1-time password for battle.net doesn't work

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  • 1Password version #: 5.3 (mac) / 5.4 (iOS)
  • On a (Mac/PC/iOS/Android): macbook pro (late 2014) & iphone 6 plus
  • Syncing with other devices (list them):i sync via iCloud between macbook pro and iPhone.

So far I haven't had any issues with 1 time passwords, until I attempted to configure one for the battle.net account (<- it's an account for Blizzard games). It looks like 1password (on both iOS and mac) has some troubles understanding it's "secret" used to generate passwords.

First things first, how the configuration looks like:

  • First of all, you need to login on battle.net account and choose option to setup mobile authenticator
  • since battle.net uses it's own authenticator app, there is no QR code to scan. Instead, you have to download their authenticator app and enter the secret code (named "Serial"), and the generated 1-time password.

  • Now - the secret in the authenticator looks like:

  • The one time password has 8 digits.

Where's the problem?

No matter if I enter the secret with or without dashes ("-"), the 1 password generates 6 digit 1-time password, instead of 8 digit. Therefore - it doesn't work.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @xStagGx,

    There are many implementations for 2FA and we've implemented just one, specifically TOTP or RFC 6238, which is the same as Google Authenticator. I don't have a battle.net account but a little googling suggested they're using HOTP or RFC 4226. That means that at least for now 1Password won't be able to store your battle.net 2FA details in a meaningful way - sorry about that.

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