Where is my data stored?

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My computer was re-imaged this week. The 1Password app is in my applications folder but none of the data is in there.
What do I do? I am not very savvy with this and need it spelled out for me if possible. Thank you. Shawna


  • Stephen_C
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    You'll find this knowledge base article very helpful:

    Where does 1Password store its data?

    (I'm assuming you're using 1P4 or 1P5.) Note that the answers to some questions will depend on whether you bought 1P from the Mac App Store or the AgileBits store. If you're not sure you should be able to find out by going to 1Password > About 1Password. If in any doubt, or if you need more help, please post again. If you do that it would be helpful if you'd confirm the version number of 1P that you're using.


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @shawnas,

    Did the information from Stephen help to answer your question? That knowledgebase article should explain where 1Password stores your data on your Mac. If you no longer have that data after re-imaging your Mac, do you have a backup of your Mac from before you did that? Or, had you been syncing 1Password with iCloud or Dropbox? If so, we can help get that data back on your Mac again.

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