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When a web page asks me to fill in a credit card or my mailing address, I use the 1P extension; but, it's not showing me the ID & CC options. If it's a new website, it offers to create a new login. If a known website, it lets me open the website login info. Is there a way for the extension to offer to fill in the ID & CC info?


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    @SecretSquirrel: I think I may be missing something here:

    When a web page asks me to fill in a credit card or my mailing address, I use the 1P extension; but, it's not showing me the ID & CC options.

    It sounds like in the first part you're saying that you use 1Password to fill Identity and Credit Card items, but in the second part you're saying you can't. Can you clarify?

    This is what I see when I use the extension in Safari:

    You should be able to scroll to the bottom, or hit the Cards or Identities buttons at the bottom to show only those results. Please let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

  • I've identified the issue.

    On Safari, the extension works correctly. I was using the extension in Mercury browser, where the cc and id were missing.

    I then tried this on some other iOS browsers, and had odd results: Atomic had no extension; Puffin did not have the 1P extension; Dolphin had the 1P extension, but it acted like Mercury by only offering to create a new login, and failing to offer the ID & CC info.

    I'm surprise that alternative browsers react so differently to 1P. It seems that if I'm using an alternative browser, I would have to have that browser open the page I need in Safari in order to use the full functionality of 1P. Is that correct?

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    @SecretSquirrel: Hmm, this is really strange. I would expect that all apps which add support for the 1Password extension would behave the same way, since we actually provide the code for this to developers. Our extension is the same no matter what, but I wonder if some are trying to make more work for themselves for some reason. :sweat:

    I was able to find this in the documentation for the extension in our GitHub project:

    If you use a web view to login (i.e. OAuth) and you do not want other activities to show up in the share sheet and other item categories (Credit Cards and Identities) to show up in the 1Password Extension, you need to pass YES for showOnlyLogins.

    So it appears that for some reason these browsers' developers may be opting-out of displaying the Identity and Card options when invoking the 1Password extension. You may want to contact them to see if they'd consider supporting these (it should be just the flag shown above) — or they may have a specific reason for not supporting this.

    Now, I'm not a developer, so I may be misunderstanding something. I'm going to double-check with the development team, just to be sure. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

  • Wouldn't it make sense for the 1P team to routinely check the major alternate browsers for extension integration. There are not that many major players, and it would be nice if 1P worked the same among them.

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    Hi @SecretSquirrel,

    My name is Rad and I am the lead maintainer of the App Extension API. In it, we offer several capabilities (native app filling, saving and password change, Web View Filling with and without Credit Card and Identities) designed to work with the 1Password extension. Developers who integrate with our App Extension API are free to use these capabilities as they see fit.

    Wouldn't it make sense for the 1P team to routinely check the major alternate browsers for extension integration.

    We have no control over which capabilities third party developers decide to use in their app. We do, however, offer recommendations in on our Github repo, our very recent blogpost and developer newsletter.

    As @brenty mentioned in his previous reply, third party developers will probably determine which capabilities they support based on user requests. Therefore we recommend that our mutual users request the desired 1Password extension capabilities with third party developers. We are always happy to help third party developers when they reach out to us.

    Hope that this helps :-)


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  • Hi Rad. I may be traveling in the caboose of the extension express, but I have to disagree. 1P is in the business of selling a product and, presumably, it wants that product to be as widely implemented as possible; which in turn results in higher profits, increased compensation, etc.

    1P is taking a passive approach by simply putting the extension code "out there" and allowing other developers to use it or not, and to the extent they choose. That does not increase sales or create widespread implementation. A proactive approach would.

    That means checking other apps for full integration and, if absent or limited, actively reach out to them and see if you can get/help them to more fully support 1P.

    Passive approach = buy new car
    Active approach = buy new car & boat

    Just my thoughts. YMMV.

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    Thanks for the feedback. :)

    We've found, through experience, app developers are much more inclined to listen to the feedback of folks who use their apps, vs that of 3rd party developers. Frankly, your voice matters more than ours. We're happy to provide the tools and support to make it happen, but typically an app developer needs to be convinced it is a worthwhile endeavor by the prodding of their customers.


  • OK.

    BTW, let me know when you want to go out on my boat.

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    Heh, thanks SecretSquirrel.

    You know what the best two days of a boat owner's life are?

  • Oh yeah. The day they buy the boat and the day they sell the boat.

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    Then he bought the farm with the money from the boat. And that's all she wrote. :dizzy:

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