Obtaining License from Migrating MacApp Store Ver to Web Store Ver for Use on Other Family Computers

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I recently purchased the standard mac app store version of 1password. After discussing with my wife, we decided that a setup of having one Mac webstore version license installed on both our MacBooks would be appropriate. I could upgrade to the pro version (that would apply to both installs) and then one of us could create a shared vault and then add logins that we wanted both of us to have.

I read on the site how to migrate the mac app store license to a web store version. I followed the steps and was successful in migrating. Now I'm attempting to download a license file from the webstore version so that I can upload it so my wife has the license on her copy of one password. Unfortunately, I don't how I do this.

I assumed that when these migrations occurred the team at 1password received details of the mac app store license when I converted it to the webstore version such that on their website when I submit my e-mail address requesting a copy of my license (the e-mail address associated with my AppleID) I would be sent the webstore version license file I could then apply to my wife's copy of 1password. However, whenever I sent that e-mail address, I receive no license file e-mail in return.

My workflow above assumed 1 migrated copy of one password for both my wife and my computer ($50) previously purchased through the mac app store but with migrated license to the web store version. I purchase one pro license ($10). I would have a total investment of $60 and a pro webstore version on both MacBooks with the ability to get reduced cost future upgrades and non-sandboxed features.

The alternative workflow I thought of was to family share through the mac app store the $50 one password license and then make two separate mac store in app purchases for my wife and me ($10 each since I can't family share in-app purchases) for a total cost of $70. I would sync primary and shared vaults through dropbox (instead of iCloud). This would give me the features I needed but I would be unable to access features sandboxed by Apple and would have to pay full price upgrades for future versions of 1password.

Any suggestions to my issue or alternative workflows to achieve my goal?

1Password Version: 5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Yosemite
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi, @dixie_stampede

    First to clarify a couple of points, the Mac App Store and the web version are entirely separate entities. The Mac App Store is owned and operated by Apple, they just allow 1Password to be sold through their store. Apple provides no purchase details what so ever to AgileBits/1Password. Its part of what people call the Apple walled garden. This is why AgileBits has no record of your purchase.

    The web site version is entirely owned and operated by AgileBits the makers of 1Password. The maintain the records for your purchases from them.

    Version comparison, https://support.1password.com/mac-app-store-vs-agilebits-store/

    As to the purchase details above. The Mac App Store or Mac app you purchased was likely the $50 dollar one, and it has no Pro purchase features. One purchase for it and your done. This is the purchase that you would need migrated to the staff of AgileBits.

    You will need to make some minor changes to migrate from the Mac App Store to the web store, https://support.1password.com/switch-from-mac-app-store/

    To get the purchase transferred to the site version. Please send an email to support+licenses@agilebits.com, include a copy of your original purchase receipt (likely mailed to you by Apple). Once you submit the email you will receive an automated response including a ticket number, please post the ticket number back here so the staff can connect the dots.

    The $10 purchase you made was for the App Store version (iOS). This was for the purchase of the Pro features on your iOS devices. Which unlocks additional features such as multiple vaults. The key portion to this is that the purchase is tied to your individual Apple ID. Since you purchased it, and your wife, you would NOT need to purchase it again. There is not an similar version from AgileBits. This is one less hurdle you need to navigate.

    Edit : Clarification : When I read you post, I took it you and the wife, both purchased the iOS pro features. Each purchase is separate under each users individual iCloud account.

    What you end up with is this:

    1. A single license for 1Password Mac $50 *This is for up to 6 people living in the same household.
    2. Pro upgrades of $10 each for the iOS app (his/hers) *The initial iOS app is free and doesn't require any purchase. However since you intend to use multiple vaults, the In app purchase unlocks the ability to use those shared vaults. As well as a few other features. https://support.1password.com/pro-features-faq/

    Because, you wish to share vaults with your wife, much as I do mine. Dropbox would seem to be the best sync solution. iCloud would not be available as Apple has provided no means to share data among iCloud user accounts. https://support.1password.com/guides/mac/sync-dropbox.html

    • I have not checked the pricing of the apps and merely used your figures referenced above.
    • Its often recommended to get syncing up and running between the Macs for example before adding in the iOS devices.
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    ps. If I have forgotten anything, please post back and someone will try to help you out asap. :)

  • littlebobbytables

    Greetings @dixie_stampede,

    That seems to be a pretty complete response there from our good friend thightower. Should you have any follow up queries at all please don't hesitate to post.

    You seem to already be aware about Apple's Family Sharing which would remove the need to transition to the AgileBits Store version. You are correct that should a future version require a paid upgrade that there isn't a way to offer a discount price like we can in our own store. That is one of the downsides of the Apple store's current implementation. I can't say if the next major version will be a paid upgrade or not or what we might do for those that purchased via the Mac App Store. Of course you could use Family Sharing and worry about that down the road too. What I would say is that the only real difference between the two is that the Mac App Store version includes support for iCloud Sync as we really do want feature parity between the two. While it's true that the Mac App Store version is sandboxed, a requirement for all Mac App Store applications, the AgileBits Store version isn't capable of anything that the Mac App Store version can't.

    Hopefully this was informative but as I say, if you have any follow up questions please do ask :smile:

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